For those in the arena taking on all forms of change, challenge, and resistance, INCITE regularly and frequently releases content in support of the fight.  The alpha fight for truth.  For freedom.  For independence.  For Joy.  For Life.




“There is a time in every man’s education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)

The envious pursuit of a Life that isn’t your own is a fast path to regret.  The specialness resident in you is unique, a potential experience and contribution that only you can realize.  The partial expression won’t suffice.  A half effort leaves all unfulfilled. 

Taking the actions necessary to bring truth to Life is a battle.  A battle fought internally and externally.  Birthing uniqueness is a journey that tests loyalty to the self. 

Courage is a requirement, but the word doesn’t do justice to the courage required to pass the test.  Betrayal is an act of cowardice, but the word isn’t vicious enough to describe the harm inflicted by the act.

Truth’s call is a call to peace.  A call to create high value and meaning.  A call to impact and contribute.  Failing to respond results in regress and Pain.  Failing to respond doesn’t deliver.  At best, it yields select returns.

Trust your truth.  Be its discoverer.  Be its guide.  Navigate it through the chaos and complexity.  Maneuver it through the darkness.  Take the actions necessary to bring it to light. 

Respect change, challenge, and resistance but do not fear it.  Truth cannot be denied.  It cannot conform to what it isn’t.  It is always pure.  Always good.  Always right.  It can and will stand on its own.

Trust the consequences of right action.  Expect celebration.  Expect tolerance.  Expect betrayal.  True independence is a principal.  Principals have allies and enemies.  All parties eventually settle in.  Trust the process.  Trust your power. 

Be prepared to protect and optimize.  Regret sits like water on concrete.  Patient but eager.  Waiting for a crack in the foundation.  Waiting for betrayal to break open the floodgates.  Proper command defeats harm with care.  Proper command blocks out regress and Pain with progress and Joy. 

Beware of the conventional mindset.  It is everywhere against different.  It is everywhere against individual truth, freedom, and independence.  It is the toxic well of self-tyranny.  A pool of deception, delusion, pretense, and the like.  See it for what it is and for what it can never be.

Your truth is your sacredness.  Commit to bring it to Life.  Resolve to protect and optimize it.  Live to respect and honor it.



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     In the moment.  On the ground.  Handmade daily.  A product of competitive action.  An expression of the effectiveness of what you do and how you do it.  A testament to your capacity to lead the Life you own. 

     As it goes, you’re only as Joyful as you are thriving in the highest meaning areas of your Life.  Thriving unimpaired by dysfunction in lower meaning areas.  Unimpaired by the insecurities that accompany weakness in Self-Command. 

     Those who flourish are those who respect the nature of value creation.  Those who respect the fact that the quality of their experience is theirs to earn.  Theirs to protect and optimize.  Theirs to account for, to care for, in full. 

     In the end, Joy is Won.  In the fight.  Committed.  Aware.  Ready.  Navigating.  Maneuvering.  Adapting.  Overcoming change, challenge, and resistance in favor of whole Life competitiveness.  In favor of freedom.  In favor of Life.  

     In the end, Joy is One.


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Enter the discipline