al·pha  |  al-fuh |  noun



Highly independent individual.  Internally driven, action dominant.  Deep sense of self, of truth.  Uncommon willingness to engage, to strive, to earn.  Sharp competitive edge emboldened by disrespect.

Innovative, adaptive mindset.  Personal standards well above the conventional norm.  Strong capacity to execute and progress fuels high level of authentic, reason born confidence.  Freedom is a first order matter.


Life is unrelenting.  The forces of change, challenge, and resistance never rest.  No matter your age or station, each and every area of your personal enterprise is vulnerable to these forces on the day.  And for better or worse, the environment is indifferent to your success. 

As it goes, you stand alone as owner, leader, operator, and governor of your actions and your behaviors.  Of what you do, and how you show up to do it.  As it goes, you either self-direct the actions necessary to overcome the challenges you face, or you don’t, and you suffer the consequences associated with yielding to the resistance. 

For some, yielding is not an option.  Neither is tolerating harm, resigning to hope, or accepting a compromised state of existence.  For some, the move is to fight for what is wanted.  To engage, lead, and navigate.  To maneuver and overcome change, challenge, and resistance. 

To not only deliver the care necessary to create progress and Joy, but to stomp out harm, regress, and pain in the process.  It’s care over harm.  Progress over regress.  Joy over Pain.  How, what, why.   


There is a revolution underway with respect to how individual Life is lived and experienced.  A revolution that transcends old world conforming concepts.  Tired and played out concepts that have led directly to the current substandard state of individual well-being. 

On the front line of the movement are the trailblazers, the mavericks, the unapologetic non-conformists.  Hard charging individuals that are committed to do what is necessary to create real value.  To succeed, prosper, and thrive – externally and internally.  

For these highly independent, alpha-minded individuals, INCITE is the worldwide access point to the whole Life discipline known as Self-Command.  A discipline designed to be practiced and refined as a craft.  A discipline designed to fuel the fight for individual truth, freedom, and independence.  A discipline designed for those making the alpha move on Life.


A different standard of living.


Your truth is who you really are.  Your authentic self.  Some are afraid of it.  Some try to ignore it.   Some try to hide it or even deny it.  The alpha-minded are afforded none of these options. 

For the alpha, truth is internally dominant.  Loud and relentless on the mind.  Demanding to be heard and acted upon.  Demanding to be free.  For the alpha, the truth will not be denied.  It just is and must be. 


Bringing unique truth to Life is a battle.  The environment is unwelcoming to the non-conforming.  Consistently misunderstood, criticized, and outcast by the conforming mass, alpha-minded individuals often stand alone. 

Daily engagement with the harm that litters the landscape – the disrespect, betrayal, manipulation, deception, duplicity, pretense, etc. – cuts an edge and forges a boldness.  A boldness befitting the cause and the resistance.


For the alpha-minded, freedom is an earned state of existence.  A high value experience that results when the whole of the Life enterprise is performing in standard.  When high meaning areas are thriving and all others are functional.  When command is fueling confidence. 

For the alpha, the power to self-create and self-sustain freedom is the ultimate power.  Power rooted in truth.  Power delivered boldly.  Power generated independently.



The environment is complex, chaotic, and unrelenting.  Vulnerability is a daily fact of individual Life. 

Change, challenge, and resistance are omnipresent.  Dishonorable intentions and lack of care and consideration are prolific. 

The alpha move is to outfit the mind with the know-how to navigate and outmaneuver the resistance. 

The alpha move is to engage, compete, and take the actions necessary to persevere, to thrive. 

The alpha move is to fight.  For truth.  For freedom.  For independence.  For Joy.  For Life.



Enter the discipline




Enter the discipline